Double A - Because I’m Crazy (Choreography)

November 14, 2011

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AA(Double A) - Call

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I have never been more in love with an un-debuted rookie group than I am with AA. I seriously CANNOT wait for their debut, and even if their song is “mediocre” by most standards, I can tell for a fact that I’m still going to be a fan and try to support them as best I can. They’re all adorable, they’re all talented and I love watching them and looking at pictures of them. I really hope they do well, I truly do, from the little bits and pieces of performances from them that I’ve seen, they deserve it. Aoora, Juwon/Joowon, Woosang, Kimchi and Hoik are all talented. Their singing, their dancing. All of them. AA fighting!

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[AA Schedule] 2011.10.31 ~ 2011.11.6


[Interview] 11:00 am Starnews
[Interview]  1:30 pm Sports Donga

[Pre-recording] MTV The Show pre-recoring - (will air) 19:00 

[Releasing] Double A (AA) digital single “So crazy” release (release to public TBD*)

[Pre-recoring] KBS Music Bank - (airing) TBD

[Pre-recording] MBC Music Core - (airng) TBD

[Pre-recording] SBS Inkigayo - (airing) TBD
[Broadcasting] SBS ‘2011 KPOP Super Concert’ - (airing) 12:10

*TBD - to be decided

Source: AA official fancafe | English translation: AA-Kimchi@tumblr

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Woosang’s eyes are so pretty looking here. In fact, Woosang himself is so pretty looking.
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